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Human pathology has been one of the "keystones" of medicine, we offer our patients good Pathology services

Pathology is quite simply the scientific study of the overall response of your body to any foreign influence, i.e., disease.

Doing this is the most crucial phase & we take note of even the minutest details while adjudging the extent of your ailment because one slip can lead to an incorrect diagnosis, posing serious threat to your health. Our experts ensure that they are extremely careful while analyzing the samples.

This is where our advanced technology chips in. We do not take any chances whatever with your health & well-being.

Avail our Pathology services with no hesitation.


Biochemistry tests are performed on fully automated C-73 Analyser having a capacity of 120 tests per hour. In addition we are having two most advanced Semi-auto Biochemistry Analyser by Merch.We also do electrolytes and Coagulation studies on world's best analyser.



We are doing Haemotology test on world's best Haemotology Analyser,that is six parts(unique in gwalior at present) Five part Analyser and three parts analyser from world's renowned manufacturers.The Flourescent of malaria parasite is done on world's best para-lenses of Becton-Dickinson(U.S.A)